Friday, August 08, 2008

Romeno (Val di Non)

On the outskirts of Romeno in Val di Non there is a very old chapel (origins presumably nearly 1500 years ago), dedicated to the saints Thomas and Bartholomew. It's one of the oldest christian temples in this region integrally preserved (at least the basic structure). Frescos date at a later period (about 1200-1250 CE). A very special place indeed.
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Anonymous said...

Lee' turnaa in drée!
Ogni tanto mi dico
I wonder what he's up to!
What's an alp lover doing in the middle of beduin villages, bathing in the southernest sicilian sea, etc...
It's very nice to look with your eyes/ camera lens. the photos are really very clear and lovely and I can pretend to imagine what you are thinking while you are taking them...
A bit like immagining a long time mate somewhere and wishing whoever it is best luck in his wanderings round the world!
I am cooking arancini for a few friends, my mother is still keeping herself alive and we will have a big indoor lunch with food and fruit and flowers to celebrate the Virgin and Goddess Diana, whose feast it is on the 13th too.
Have a nice bank holiday!(maybe you are cooking fish and taking to your friends on a bike down the hill (or in a sensible car) or maybe you are drinking daikiri with your feet up on a log and feeling pleased with life!
This message should obviously be destroyed on reading...