Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gescheibter Turm/torre tonda

Among the old buildings of Bolzano this tower is still in perfect shape. There is no sure date when it was erected, but some scholar points at the period around 1280 CE assuming it was erected by count Meinhard II. In the picture below you see a very old rural house and there is no way to trace its origins. It's very near to the tower and maybe it's as old as the tower (or even older).
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Update 2007 April 26: this is a picture from yesterday, with better lighting than the other ones; the tower is more than 23 m high, the outer diameter is almost 9 m, the wall is 2.30 m thick.

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Anonymous said...

nice ivory tower to dream from. Do they supply burgers and pizzas, do you reckon? cheers for the fotographer!