Sunday, November 12, 2006

Muehlbacher Klause

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Once upon a time, say 1000 years ago and for some century (roughly until CE 1800) this was a toll station, customs as we say today. In Roman times here passed the border between the Roman province of Raetia and the kingdom of Norikum. We can assume that on this point existed something like a stronghold. In medieval times here existed a border checkpoint between the counties of Pustrissa (controlled by the counts of Gorizia) and the county of Nurital. This is the endpoint of the Pustrissa Valley (today Pusteria Valley or Pustertal in German language); the endpoint on the other side is the little town of Lienz, about 90 km towards east, in Austrian territory.
The ruins we see now were restaured since 1978. During the month of november an interesting exhibition of artistically elaborated photographs can be visited in these highly suggestive surroundings: the ruins revisited through the eye of the young artist Giancarlo Lamonaca.
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